Workshops - Project F.L.Y.

Project FLY strives to build meaningful curriculum for youth focused on developing their professional and personal lives all the while empowering them to set themselves up for their future.


Be the lead

Innovation and Leadership

This workshop covers the concept of leadership through real-life examples and activities to encourage youth to strive to become a leader in their community. It also covers the basics of entrepreneurship and how to use leadership qualities to further a business idea.

Nailing the job

Resume and Interviewing

This workshop covers the different elements of a successful resume, how to tailor their experience to a posting, and how to stand out in the employers pile. It also provides youth with interview simulations to help develop their professional skills.

Stepping into the future

Independance and Networking

This workshop covers the basic skills that help youth increase their independence, including goal setting and time management. It also helps them explore the concept of networking and the value of making contacts for their future.

Making it rain

Finance 1

This workshop covers the basics of saving and spending including the importance of saving, how to use a credit line, and maintaining a personal budget. It also provides an introduction to the concept of investing and using the stock market.

Taxation 101

Finance 2

This workshops covers the nitty gritty of taxes including how to file your personal tax return and potential rebates.

Educational Paths

Post-secondary Options

This workshop covers the different post-secondary options youth have including the workforce, college and university. It also touches on different career paths and provides advice on how to finance your post-secondary education.

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