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Samuel Kuluguqtuq
Student Manager, Age 18

I play a lot of hockey, spend most of my time outdoors and I like to weld. I joined Sanajiit to improve my carpentry skills and creativity. Since joining, I have learned how to take control and lead the participants to do workshop activities, as well as understand the safety hazard of the workplace. I know that the things I have learned from the project will help me a lot in the future. After I graduate, I plan to go to college for carpentry. Something I’m excited for in the future is learning about marketing and seeing how much we’ve improved throughout the year.


Jessica Matthews
Student Manager, AGE 17

I am in film club, and on my school’s wrestling team, and I joined Sanajiit to build my management and leadership skills. I also wanted to increase my knowledge in carpentry. My favourite part about Sanajiit is all the new carpentry, leadership, and communication skills I have gained. I also improved my organization skills because I must be prepared before every workshop. I think that Sanajiit will further impact my life by teaching me entrepreneurship skills. I am excited to see all the completed projects everyone in Sanajiit is working on! My plan for when I graduate is to attend university.


Madison MacLeod
Participant, Age 14

I’ve been to every province and territory except for Newfoundland, and play basketball. I haven’t decided on my career yet, but I am interested in becoming a lawyer. Sanajiit has impacted my life because it teaches me more about carpentry and helps me learn more about math. I’ve learned how to use numerous tools and some that I didn’t even know existed. My favourite part is cutting the wood. Because of Sanajiit I hope to be able to furnish my house and make sheds! In the future, I’m excited about buying my own house and starting my career.