To kickstart this exciting community of Iqaluit entrepreneurs, we need your help in finding two talented volunteer Community Leaders to join the team!




  1. This is a volunteer role, and you should expect to work on the entrepreneurs' network a few hours (3-4) a week at most, not including networking events.
  2. We're looking for two Iqalummiut to lead the launch network and be the first Community Leaders - so you can expect to get help from at least one other person! You can choose to apply together and mention the other person in your application, but know that you may not necessarily both be chosen to be the founding Community Leaders.
  3. We're hoping to have at least one event a month. We're starting the network with a modest budget, but you'll be able to use that to run the first few events and generate some buzz about the network. We'll help you build a strategy and fundraise with you to grow the network beyond this initial stage.
  4. You are responsible for maintaining & growing the network, as well as running activities and events to promote networking between members.
  5. To get you started, we'll offer to have a weekly strategy call with you to brainstorm ideas for events and activities for members, review feedback and discuss possible next steps. We'll open up our network of contacts to help you get any advice you need to be successful!


We'd like to see you take the lead and make the most of the role -
so everything is up to you and completely subject to change if you choose!


if this sounds like something you'd be interested in,
fill out the short application form below!




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Phone Number
Feel free to tell us anything you think is relevant, but here are some guiding questions you can use if you have a hard time thinking of something to say:
Are you an entrepreneur? Or do you have an idea you are still waiting to execute on?
Why do you want to be a part of starting this network?
Why do you think you're a good fit for the role?