Project F.L.Y. presents:
Perfect Pitch

 Perfect Pitch is a bilingual pitch competition hosted at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management and is geared towards high school students in Ontario.  Perfect Pitch teaches youth about entrepreneurship and its viability.
As entrepreneurship inspires curiosity, creative thinking, and initiative, The Perfect Pitch competition looks to instill these traits to fully tap into the potential of every youth.
Once accepted into the competition, youth will be able to attend the competition and The Legacy Conference at no cost.


*Accommodation and transportation fees, for those living outside of Ottawa, will be covered.

March 24-25th, 2017


Deadline to apply is February 25th, 2017

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What Can You Expect?

The workshops and competition will lead to one final Perfect Pitch, where the winning team will receive a cash prize. The final pitch will be in front of judges with expertise in diverse fields, and vast experiences in entrepreneurship. 

The event will be held in conjunction with the Legacy Conference, where the attendees will be able to foster even greater entrepreunrial thinking

Through Perfect Pitch, attendees will be equipped with the right skills and mindset, to tackle on any set of challenges with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking.



"Mon expérience à la compétition Perfect Pitch ma donné la chance d’apprendre plus au sujet du monde des affaires. La compétition m’a aussi donné les outils pour améliorer certaines habiletés, tels que la créativité et la communication. Pouvoir apprendre de plusieurs mentors qui ont de l’expérience en entreprenariat et travailler avec des étudiants qui ont aussi une passion pour les affaires est un événement très spécial et rempli de fun."
- Annalisa,  École Secondaire Catholique Garneau
“Perfect Pitch is the perfect opportunity for students to engage and broaden their creative thinking. As a student who participated in the event hosted by Enactus, I am incredibly impressed. The presenters and mentors were extremely informative, food and drinks were provided, and the overall business atmosphere was professional. I’d highly recommend any student to attend and experience the event first-hand.”
- Jason, Mother Teresa Secondary School


"Who runs Perfect Pitch?"

The Perfect Pitch Competition is ran by Project FLY at Enactus uOttawa. Project FLY is a youth empowerment program that aims to fill education gaps throughout Ottawa by providing customized workshops for youth with the goal of increasing their knowledge and confidence in areas such as entrepreneurship.

"What is The Legacy Conference?"

The Legacy Conference is Canada's largest student-run conference focused on entrepreneurship. Each year, Legacy brings hundreds of students from campuses across Canada and surrounds them with the best entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs in North America. At Legacy, speakers humanize their successes, share their entrepreneurial journey inspire attendees to execute on their ideas.

"Can I come to the competition with a business idea?"

Yes, you can come with ideas in mind, but either way the workshops that you will go through the morning of the competition will create some idea generation for you and your team.

"Do I get to pick my team?"

After being accepted, you can request to be with someone else who has been accepted. Otherwise, we will assign you your team based off of forecasted team dynamics

"Who can I contact for more information?"

You can contact our team at and we will be happy to answer your questions! 

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