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Canada is one of the most prosperous nations of the world, but yet, there exists a vast quality of life gap in the high arctic regions. In fact, in all areas of the Human Development Index, Nunavut is ranked the lowest among all provinces and territories.

Closing the gap will not be an easy task, but as leaders and innovators of the future, you have an opportunity to be part of the solution!

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About NOVA

NOVA is a social entrepreneurial project team, within Enactus uOttawa. The aim of NOVA is to use science and technology, to enhance the quality of life in high arctic communities! The work of NOVA primarily focuses on issues involving environmental, social, education, and sustainability.

If you are interested in projects that will tackle these issues. Then Apply to one of our position today!

Current Project

In the past months, NOVA has been developing a thermal regulated composting system. The system is intended to be placed indoors, and operational all year-round. 

Shell design (without components)

Shell design (without components)

Concept drawing

Concept drawing



Head of Operations

Technical Officer

Research and Development Coordinator

If you are:

  • Keen to create positive and lasting impacts
  • Driven and self-motivated
  • Interested in working in a team-based environment
  • Dedicated and have the willingness to learn

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