Special Projects Officer

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Poly enables local, community-led plastic recycling by manufacturing systems that allow individuals to recycle plastic without the need for municipal infrastructure. Our systems consist of a shredder machine that shreds down plastic into small pieces and an injection moulder that takes those pieces, melts them down and shapes them into new products using interchangeable moulds. We work with operators to create a social enterprise around their Poly system, creating products that are relevant to their community, designing job opportunities and helping build partnerships to make their Poly system successful.

Poly’s goals for 2018-2019 include:

  • Shipping up to 5 pilot systems to communities where there is no formal recycling program
  • Implementing upwards of 5 special projects in Ottawa and the surrounding community to serve as an R&D platform for further Poly activities and a way for us to build brand awareness
  • Gathering feedback to improving our offering in preparation for transition out of the pilot phase

You’ll need to:

  • Be independent and hardworking
  • Be motivated to get things done on short timelines
  • Be flexible in working with changing requirements and conditions

It’d be great if you have:

  • A passion for the environment
  • An interest in addressing the plastic waste crisis
  • Experience working with community groups or on community projects

You’ll be working on things like:

  • Creating community initiatives (aka special projects) in Ottawa from the ground up – from ideation to contacting partners to implementation and measurement of results
  • Working directly with our Poly machines in Ottawa to create new products, ideas and processes
  • Coordinating community partners – such as product clients, employment organizations, schools, etc – to implement Poly special projects

Examples of special projects include: launching a hands-on environmental education program in Ottawa schools, coordinating the selling of Poly products on Etsy and/or local craft fairs, etc

Enactus uOttawa

Enactus uOttawa, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5