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Tower Gardens is a social enterprise aimed towards inspiring and educating youth about issues concerning food insecurity and the importance of healthy diets consisting of fresh produce across Canada. With the use of advanced hydroponic technology, Tower Gardens provides youth with the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops that focus on nutrition education, entrepreneurship and indigenous studies.

Goals of the Tower Gardens team include:

  1. Create meaningful long-term relationships through growing and maintaining current client partnerships.
  2. Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders including public figures, health authorities, and non-profit organizations.
  3. Expand our network of hydroponic towers across the Southern and Northern Canadian regions to continue to raise awareness of the growing issue of food insecurity across Canada.

The Tower Gardens Presenter role is the backbone of Tower Gardens operations in the Ottawa region. Presenters will deliver presentations, curriculum, and support to teachers and students across Ottawa. The role is one of the team’s most hands-on, allowing for presenters to teach and interact with students in grades 1-12. Presenters will also have the opportunity to build and further develop presentations skills through the delivery of the Tower Gardens curriculum, which provides an engaging and enriching experience for students of all ages.


  • Have excellent presentation/public speaking skills.
  • Be able to work, lead, and interact with youth of all ages.
  • Have great responsibility and time management skills.
  • Have a great attitude towards learning and trying new things.
  • Be dedicated and passionate for your work and team.


  • Experience in teaching/student leadership.
  • Understanding of hydroponics technology.
  • Experience working with Northern or Indigenous communities.
  • Communication skills in both French and English.

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