Program Coordinator

Project FLY (Future Leaders in Youth), is a workshop-deliverance based organization that aims to empower at-risk youth to take advantage of opportunities in post-secondary education, employment, and entrepreneurship. Through interactive workshops, Project FLY educates youth on core topics which include the importance of post-secondary education, employment skills, environmental sustainability, leadership, financial literacy, professional soft skills, and entrepreneurship. We also run a yearly bilingual Pitch competition for high school students called Perfect Pitch and work with the school boards and organizations to build programs which fill gaps in their current curriculum in the areas such as nutrition, financial planning, mental health, and equity.

This year, Project FLY’s objectives include:

  1. Building new partnerships with high schools who rank academically lower and organizations who work with youth in the justice system, face difficulty with housing and shelter, and deal with food insecurity.

  2. Continuing to build on our relationships with current community partners by developing programs.

  3. Strengthening the current academic content by working with industry professionals and educators.

  4. Creating opportunities for youth through a Project FLY volunteer, employment, and entrepreneurship program.

  5. Providing new opportunities and creating content which will benefit youth through our social media platforms and engaging partners through our website by offering them opportunities to grow and present updates on Project FLY’s goals.

  6. Expanding and growing Perfect Pitch to offer continued mentorship and more opportunities to pursue mentorship entrepreneurship.

*4 Program Coordinator Openings Available*


  • Have an interest in working with youth

  • Like public speaking

  • Feel comfortable around students of various backgrounds

  • Be punctual and professional

  • Be able to work in a dynamic and ever-changing environment


  • Maintain, develop, and create programs with our current and potential sponsors or partners

  • Coordinate with current partners about scheduling workshops

  • Research into new partnerships that would benefit from our curriculum and programs

  • Track the impact of our programs for our partners

  • Work with the Head of Curriculum to further develop and improve the curriculum based on feedback from attendees and coordinators

  • Strategies to increase the take-aways for youth/students attending our workshops


  • Experience leading a team

  • Know individuals/organizations who would benefit from our curriculum and programs

  • Experience coordinating activities