Business Development Coordinator

Sprout is an innovative food initiative that seeks to bring accessible healthy food options and healthy food education to food desserts across Ottawa. Through selling produce in corner stores already in place in communities and using the space to provide the food within walking distance of residents' homes. We work closely with Ottawa Public Health and working towards a more equitable world in terms of Canada's food security right here at home. 

The Sprout team's goals this year include:

1.     Developing a set of recipes that can be conveniently and affordably prepared using foods stocked in our participating convenience stores

2.     Building partnerships with local farmers and farmers' cooperatives, public health authorities, and nonprofit partners that work with our target clientele (i.e. the Food Bank, food pantries and soup kitchens)

3.     Launching the program in more convenient stores, potentially identifying a franchise chain that would be interested in the project



●      Have excellent written and oral communication skills

●      Have a hustler attitude and a need to expand

●      Have great teamwork abilities

●      Patience and persistence


●      Interest in nutrition

●      Experience in external relations

●      A vehicle is ideal


●      Working with our current partners to strengthen opportunities for growth

●      Reaching out to store owners to expand the business

●      Expanding to new stores at an efficient and timely pace

●      Explaining contracts to new store owners and adjusting current contracts to new store owner needs

●      Represent Sprout values when encountering store owners and/or possible partner organizations

●      Being responsible for the measurement of performance of current partnerships and the communication of those results to current and potential partners.

●      Leading the research of new partnerships and seeks out new relationships with future partners

●      Creatively find new partners that the team can work with to further grow the brand



Enactus uOttawa

Enactus uOttawa, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5