Venture Operations

Our External team is the driving force behind the scene that enables our projects and team through; securing funding through grants/proposals, developing new relationships with potential business advisors, and operating small for-profit businesses. We’re a group of scrappy, highly driven, performance focused individuals who ensure that the rest of our team has all the resources that they need in order to help make our community a better place.

The External team's goals this year include:

  1. Developing a competition fund to help our team pay for the 3 major competitions we attend every school year.
  2. Securing at least one community partner for every single one of our projects, and VP teams.
  3. Launch a minimum of 3 new ventures. These are the small businesses that our team operates year-round in order to help fund all of our endeavours

The Ventures Director will be responsible for developing, launching, and helping manage new revenue-generating micro-businesses (similar to Impress, that will raise funds for Enactus activities. This person will launch a number of new revenue-generating activities, and automate them to run without much input.

This role is perfect for someone that is motivated by sales and has a driven attitude, and/or for someone that is motivated by fundraising for charity.


  • Have a strong business mindset
  • Be able to work on multiple projects on the go
  • Be entrepreneurially-minded and want to launch new small businesses
  • Be able to dream big and take on challenges
  • Be driven by increasing sales and generating cashflow, whether you’re motivated by raising money for our community projects or you’re doing it for the sales experience


  • Sales experience
  • A strong network of business professionals
  • A degree of technological savviness


  • Running the Impress Business Cards micro-business ( to fund Enactus activities
  • Finding new opportunities for existing projects
  • Driving sales for Enactus projects like Sprout
  • Automating sales processes

Interview Deliverable:

Come prepared to pitch a new venture business idea to our team. We want to hear an idea you have, and how you think we should strategize to grow the business, and drive revenues. The business needs to maximize profit, while minimizing the amount of time we need to spend on it. 

Enactus uOttawa

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