Finance Controller

The Finance team on Enactus collectively manage the financial statement and conduct bookkeeping activities for all our projects, events and initiatives, including managing accounts receivable/payable, processing reimbursements, and updating budgets. The Finance team is ultimately responsible for providing each individual project and event team with financial information related to their specific projects so they can make educated decisions regarding their finances.

This year, the Finance team will work towards things like:

  1. Establish a structure to provide the project management team and project team with more frequent and accurate financial information to allow better decision-making with regards to the allocation and spending of funds; including communicating to members what their individual spending limits are within their role

  2. Updating projects budgets more frequently; being involved in the financial decisions with the project management team (i.e. making decisions on either fundraising more or spending less in the case of a deficit; or ensuring that cash-flow is well planned so there is no shortage of cash during low-fundraising periods)

  3. Use Quickbooks Online for all financial transactions and budgeting

  4. Process reimbursements on a rolling basis and having a better understanding of the expenses that are incurred, but for which the member has not yet submitted a reimbursement request (i.e. knowing what each individual member is planning on spending before they spend)

Finance Controllers manage the reconciliation of the financial operations and bookkeeping of Enactus.


  • Have knowledge in financial management and accounting

  • Be motivated and be able to work autonomously to proactively complete tasks

  • Be detail-oriented and extremely focused on ensuring accuracy - you're the kind of person where mistakes drive you crazy

  • Be able to pour over financials like nobody's business

  • Participate in regular bi-weekly working meetings to reconcile the logbook and bank balance with Quickbooks, and do check-ins with the finance team


  • Experience working with Intuit Quickbooks (Enactus uses Quickbooks Online for all our bookkeeping)

  • Experience in financial bookkeeping, planning and/or management

  • Studying Finance or Accounting, or a similar program at uOttawa


  • Processing Enactus' financial statements and individual project/event budgets to the Director of Finance for review and approval

  • Preparing monthly logbook reconciliations

  • Confirming the bank balance matches our records in Quickbooks

  • A few specific projects that will be your responsibility to work directly with, ensuring that all financial statements, budgets are up-to-date with the most recent actual figures

  • Communicating to the members in each project team you're responsible for, in order to ensure everyone is submitting expenses reimbursement requests as soon as possible